Boring Bio

Isaac is a rising pop artist with an infectious and intricately textured sound.

His layered recording style owes much to his world class training as a jazz musician. An alumnus of the elite Global Jazz Institute at Berklee College, he toured festivals in New York, Paris, Panama City, Siena, and Monterey. “I’ve seen firsthand how music breaks down barriers of culture and language to forge human connection,” he notes. “I want to make those connections with passion and power, through the music I create.”

Not satisfied with the life of a jazz sideman, Isaac retreated to an isolated farmhouse in rural Maine in the spring of 2013 to hone his song writing and production skills. He emerged from this creative retreat with a collection of striking new songs that were a clear departure from his jazz roots and showcased his abilities as songwriter, lyricist, singer, and producer.

Punctuating his transformation from sideman to frontman, Isaac travelled to India to teach at New Delhi’s Global Music Institute.

In India he taught and toured, playing venues across the sprawling subcontinent. He performed at a royal Rajasthani wedding. He headlined a music festival in Shillong, the rock capital of India. He played to audiences in Goa, Pune, Guragon, Mumbai and New Delhi. Returning to the U.S. in spring 2014, he set to work finishing the songs he had produced in Maine and New Delhi, while adopting his new identity as a pop singer and songwriter.

Isaac believes that music is a passport to both global and personal positive transformation. His video Ship Around engages hundreds of New Yorkers in a project designed to lift the spirit and showcase human connections.