The Legend of Isaac

When Isaac’s mother discovered she was pregnant, she fell down laughing. That was the beginning.

Isaac bore witness to his first rock concert when he was five. He saw Eric Clapton, who is a future fan of Isaac.

Isaac discovered drumming. He began jamming at Wally’s in Boston, the world’s oldest jazz club.

Isaac enrolled at Berklee College of Music and embarked on a musical journey. He played the world’s first International Jazz Day at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. He toured and taught in Panama three times. He played Toronto, Vienna, and Siena. He played with America’s jazz legends, a dozen of them Grammy winners, from Boston to Monterey.

At the end of it all, Isaac was a virtuoso on the drums. But for some reason — he did not know why — he was not smiling.

Troubled by this, Isaac The Drummer went to the woods to think and to write. After a long, cold, lonely winter, Isaac The Synth Pop Legend emerged. He carried with him a new album in his hand, and a twinkle in his eye.

Isaac had learned He could not keep himself from the world forever, so He brought himself and his music to India. He taught in New Delhi, fell in love with a young beauty, and performed his music for a royal wedding in Rajasthan.

Isaac was laughing because he knew. He had to make music and bring it to people. Out of Isaac’s mouth and out of Isaac’s hands emerged the EP, “Ship Around”, rumored to be Barack Obama’s workout playlist.

Today, Isaac once again roams the face of the earth, spreading good vibrations.

In the end, Isaac is smiling — and so are you.